Meridian Plaza On-Site Manager

Job Description

 The Contractor shall provide and perform Building Manager Services for the Condo Corporation as follows, without limitation:

Hours of Work

• The role is based on a 20-hour week ( Monday - Friday). These hours can be flexible depending on the circumstances.

 Resident Communications

·         Post Site Manager Weekly availability to Residents on Office Door

·         Provide a cell phone number for Residents to reach Site Manager by phone or text

·         Direct Residents with questions or concerns to the Genie Pad Web Portal or to the Property Manager for action or discussion with the Condo Corporation

·         Co-ordinate bookings, deposits, key exchange, and payment for the Event Centre, Guest Suite, and Move-In / Move-Out Elevator

·         Co-ordinate bookings and payment for monthly Parking

·         Co-ordinate booking and key exchange for Business Centre

·         Communicate with Suite Owners if entering a unit for Emergency repairs

·         Record all security breaches and provide an incident report to the Property Manager

·         Post Notices as required and as directed by the Property Manager or the Condo Corporation

·         Arrange for issue and maintenance (returns / cancellations / amendments) of key fobs as required, against the collection of required fees

·         Arrange for programming of the entrance intercom system as Residents move-in and move-out

·         Maintain the confidentiality of the building at all times and discuss building matters only with the Property Manager and the Condo Corporation

·         Be courteous and helpful to Residents, Prospective Residents, Owners, Vendors and all Associates.

Ensure that the building and common areas are maintained to the following standards:


·         Lobby – Monitor lobby windows and doors, and ensure that furnishings and floors are being kept clean to maintain a consistently high standard

·         Messes and Accidents – Immediately clean all messes and/or accidents as soon as they are discovered or become aware of them

·         Gym – replace cleaning wipes, ensure equipment is operational and report any noted deficiencies to the Property Manager

·         Event Centre and Guest Suite – notify the cleaner to clean the event center and guest suite if required between events (for example if a new use is booked prior to the cleaner’s next scheduled visit)

·         Stairwells – Ensure emergency stairwells are clear

·         Garbage Room – Powerwash floor and recycle bins every 3 months

·         Garbage Room – Powerwash recycle and trash dumpsters every 6 months


·         Clean litter and debris from the grounds surrounding the building

·         Water and maintain grass areas, shrubs, trees, and flowers; plant flower in flowerbeds or areas assigned for flowers

·         Clear sidewalks of snow whenever snowfall results in more than 2” of accumulation

·         Clean roof structure of debris and other accumulations

·         Clean south and north balconies at beginning of each summer

·         Clear leaves from the grounds surrounding the building

Building Maintenance

·         Create and annually update a Standard Operating Procedures Manual for all important building functions and maintain the same, subject to the approval of the Property Manager

·         Complete a weekly inspection of the building and grounds and provide a copy of the inspection report to the Property Manager

·         Address all minor maintenance issues including but not limited to changing lightbulbs and touch-up painting

·         Maintain a service log for all monthly, quarterly, and annual service contracts to ensure contracted service is provided and service commitments are met

·         Schedule and coordinate the elevator for move-ins, move-outs, and furniture deliveries, install elevator pads to prevent any damage, collect deposit and fee (NO Cash) and provide elevator key to incoming residents with instructions to be aware of minimizing damage to elevator and walls, floors and lights

·         Order supplies as needed with delivery service requested where provided, as approved by Property Manager

·         Provide weekly correspondence by email to the Property Manager of any items that need immediate Condo Corporation attention and meet monthly with the Property Manager and condominium Corporation Board to discuss areas of concern in building operation or maintenance

·         Meet with contractors working in the building to ensure community guidelines are followed in regard to hours of work and access.  Inspect the work of contractors providing services to the Condo Corporation and advise the Property Manager of any deficiencies as they occur

·         In an emergency situation, attend the building to arrange for fire department access, water shut-off or other required services.  After-hours rates apply

·         Review security cameras in situations where damage or by-law infractions are noted and inform the Property Manager of any findings and recommended resolutions

·         As required, remove excess water ponding in the parkade and on rooftops

·         Arrange for the recycling of refundable drink containers via an external bottle pick-up company and communicate with the Property Manager about pickups as they occur

·         Arrange approved towing company to be onsite during parkade cleaning

·         Inform the Property Manager of any by-law infractions

·         Test generator monthly