Click Here to submit a maintenance request through your Resident Portal

If this is a tenant experiencing a maintenance emergency, such as but not limited to; FIRE, FLOOD, or FREEZE, contact the 24-hour emergency answering service at:

Edmonton and Area: 780-498-9999

Calgary, Okotoks: 1-877-882-0557

For maintenance please speak with your site manager to have a work order completed. 

What to do in the event of an Emergency:

In the event of an emergency please contact our 24/7 line, which for Edmonton is 780-498-9999 and Calgary, Okotoks is 1-877-882-0557. Please note that the emergency line should only be called in the event of:

· FLOOD - In the instance of any water leaks that could cause damage to the building or suite. This does not include leaky taps or plumbing fixtures( toilets or sinks), no hot water and bathtubs that are clogged.

· FIRE - Any Fires Call 911 first, then contact the emergency line.

· FREEZE – In respect to any frozen pipes.

· REFRIGERATORS - If your refrigerator is not working.

· HEAT- If the temperature drops and it is too cold.

· BREAK-INS - Call 911 first then contact the emergency line.

· SECURITY - If the Front and Back doors of the building are not locking contact the emergency line. For any other lock inquiries please contact your Property Manager.

Should you have any questions or require any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact your Site Manager.